Sunday, December 21, 2014

Internship at Google

Internship at Google is finished!

Just 2 days ago I finished my first internship. Even though there were bumps on the road throughout it, I had fun participating in it. I met lots of friends, visited many places, got to eat a lot ( :) ), and also had a cool project.
The project I was working on was about making a regression test for a service handling social relationships between users and documents. I made sure that builds do not break certain relationships that should always exist.
My project was also dependent on other people there, which made me also more efficient at working with a team.


  1. Nice to see that your blog isn't dead :-)

    Are you now continuing with your CS masters degree at KIT?

  2. Nope. Still not dead :) Haven't done anything in a while, though...
    I still have to give in my bachelor's degree first. Also, 20LP missing... Yay!
    After that I plan to get my masters at KIT