Monday, January 19, 2015

Updates on EvyMap

My first update on EvyMap's state (! First, a "thank you" goes to Martin Thoma for pointing out some needed attention over the security aspects. The same applies to some of my friends at my university, KIT. The updates:
  • Mechanisms for preventing XSS attacks implemented.
  • Mechanisms for preventing MySql attacks implemented.
  • Made the website work with utf-8.
  • User input goes through stricter validation.
  • The dynamic loading of all the images is made faster.
  • Birthday picker added within account settings.
  • Password resetting added.
  • Fixed scrolling within the message window.
  • Various pop-up messages have been integrated for keeping the user informed about the actions the server does.
  • Design within Firefox and Internet Explorer fixed.
The cream on top of all: A neat functionality that was recently added, illustrated with the following link:
After logging in, this will get you directly to New York and set you up for chatting.

Known issues:
  • Some random birthday gets assigned to the user upon registration.
Again, there is work to do, but we're progressing to some more "stable" version of this website! I'm always thankful for any advice or suggestion!

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