Sunday, February 14, 2016

#4 GeoChat

This is like "modern" EvyMap, a project I worked on before. GeoChat is a very good example of how much better I have got in developing web stuff. This took me 1 month to create, compared to EvyMap 4-5 months. (for my defense: working on this stuff is just a small hobby of mine).

GeoChat was made by taking additional care of the design. The page is fully functional on phones and is designed to be comfortable to use. Currently, the page is tied to one location, given by the user.
These are ideally the GPS coordinates, but manual location selection is also possible.

An algorithm for automatic content selection was also added.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


This one is a HTML5 remake of the popular game curv. I suppose that I don't need to elaborate much about the game mechanics. We implemented a matching system and a global scoreboard for the active players. Periodically, upgrades also spawn on the map, giving you various advantages over your opponents. The game is also working well on mobile platforms!



#2 AudioWars

This one brought us the first place on a hackathon (theme: gamification). We developed a game that requires one to whistle a popular song in order to destroy asteroids heading to our planet. The best part? Local multiplayer works!

The game does not have its own domain, but is still accessible here:


Monday, February 8, 2016


There are several web apps I developed together with a few friends on my university that I failed to share on my blog here. 5 of them, actually. Yeah, crazy... We somehow end up creating things and then we stop pushing the extra mile to see how to market things. At least we know what we need to work on now. :)

The first app that I wanted to mention is:

I believe that this page is amazing for those that want to create some web content in 5 minutes. Currently, there are no "real" private sections, but channels do exist. Once an user occupied some area with his box, no other user is able to take away that place.

The amount of boxes a user can create is limited by the amount of credit the user possesses. Visiting the page on a daily basis increases that amount.

Here is a screenshot (zoomed out a bit):

This is from the public channel. If you want to get to your own quiet place:

In the next few days I will come to make a post about the app #2. It is pretty amazing if you're the type that likes to whistle around.